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Getting Here

Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) is a short non-stop flight away from many cities in the United States, Canada, and throughout Central America. See more information HERE. When booking your international flight, please be aware of your landing time. For The Sea Glass Inn Guests we recommend arriving to Belize City no later than 1:30 pm. For commuter flights, we recommend arriving to Belize City no later than 3:45 pm, as the last flight to Placencia departs at 5:00 pm.

Once in Belize City, you can take the commuter flight. The commuter flight is twenty-three minutes long and includes breathtaking views from above. The Sea Glass Inn is a short drive south from the Placencia Airport where our shuttle will meet you and transport you back to the Inn (complimentary service with stay)  The commuter flight is approximately $206 USD per person round trip.

If you would prefer to rent a car and drive from Belize City it is a safe and scenic route through the Mayan Mountains. The journey from Belize City to Placencia will take approximately 3.5 hours. Please plan this journey during daylight hours, as navigating through the mountains on the Hummingbird Highway is quite challenging after sunset. You will need to be departing Belize City by 3:00 p.m. to reach Placencia before dark.


Driving directions from Belize City Airport (BZE) to Placencia, Belize!

  1. You will depart the airport and follow the “International Airport Road” – signs should say – to Belize City. You’ll drive with the airplane runway on your left as you depart the airport.

  2. Next, you’ll encounter a roundabout, which you will exit right onto John Smith Road.  This is a newly constructed “airport cut” that takes you directly to the Western Highway.

  3. Proceed on John Smith Road for about ten minutes to the roundabout.

  4. Exit right from the roundabout onto the Western Highway.

  5. Follow the Western Highway, where you will go left around the roundabout and continue onto the Western Highway (this turn is in the area of Hattieville).

  6. Go West on the Western Highway.

  7. Follow the Western Highway past the Belize zoo all of the way to Belmopan and the Hummingbird Highway where you will meet a roundabout. Making a left will get you onto the Hummingbird Highway. There should be signs for “Dangriga” / “Punta Gorda” / “Placencia”

  8. You will now be on the Hummingbird Highway. This is by far the prettiest part of the drive. You will wind through hills and towns, up and over bluffs, and through the Mayan mountains.

  9. As you approach Dangriga, you will see a Shell Gas station on your right. The turn off of the Hummingbird Highway and onto the “Southern Highway” is just ahead.

  10. Turn Right onto the Southern Highway. You should see signs for “Punta Gorda” and/or “Placencia”.

  11. Follow the Southern Highway for about 35 minutes, and then you’ll approach a round-a-bout. Here, follow the signs to Placencia. It’s the “left turn” in the round-a-bout.

  12. You are now on the road to the Peninsula. There are no turns off of this road, just lots and lots of speed humps, thirty-six to be exact . The only “turn” that appears is a turn off to Riversdale. Don’t make that left, but stay on the road to Placencia.

  13.   Follow the Peninsula Road all of the way through Seine Bight, past Roberts Grove, the Airstrip and into the Village. You’ll know you’ve arrived in the village when you see the water tower. Once at the water tower, continue straight to you see Rick’s Restaurant across from the football field, you pass Tutti-Frutti Gelato, Rum Fish y Vino Restaurant & Chachi’s Pizza.   Sunset Point Road will be on your right just as you pass Chachi’s Pizza.  Turn right onto Sunset Point Road.  Approximately 100 yards ahead you will encounter Peninsula International Academy on your right (a giant pencil stuck in the shoulder of the road saying “school zone”) and there will be a cargo container building to your left that says “TROPICAL”.  It is here where the road veers right. You do not want to go right but turn left following the “Sea Glass Inn” signs. You can park in shaded parking lot where the “Sea Glass Inn Parking Only” signs are located.  Follow the footpath to the right and you cannot miss the inn (if you do you wind up in the sea!).


  • The total drive can take from 3 ½ hours to 4 ½ hours. The speed humps (36 on the Placencia Peninsula alone!) , traffic and familiarity with turns and roads can greatly affect your drive. Be patient and enjoy the drive – it’s very pretty and the most scenic drives in the country.

  • Avoid the “Coastal highway”. This road is not paved and is treacherous. It can be done, but more than an hour will be added on to your total drive time – and is not worth the headaches. In addition if you experience any issues with your rental vehicle while on the Coastal Highway the rental companies will not offer assistance, in fact many warn in advance that traveling the Coastal Highway is forbidden by your rental agreement.

  • There are several rest stops available should you decide or have the time to stop. A few recommendations would be the Belize Zoo, The Art Box Gallery, Blue Hole National Park, and The Country Barn.

  • Should the drive be longer than you would like, you can be arrange a twenty-three minutes local airline flight to Placencia, where we can have a shuttle waiting to transport you to The Sea Glass Inn.


White Sand and Stone

Maya Island Air

 Once a passenger has cleared customs they will exit and make their way to the Maya Island Air front desk which is about 30 ft. away (note the Agents in turquoise dresses and scarves). The passenger will then check-in and leave their checked bags to be processed and taken to the aircraft. Once checked-in, they will then pass a screening area (remove any electronics, metals and the like). After this, they will enter the departure area. The Maya Island Air departure gate is 6A and is to the far right-end of this area (note the green walls). There will be a final check-in before boarding the flight.

Click here for Maya Island Air Website


Tropic Air

Once a passanger has cleared customs they will exit and make their way to the Tropic Air front desk.  The passenger will then check in and leave their checked bags to be processed and taken to the aircraft.  Once checked in they will pass a screening area 

(remove any electronics, metals and the like). After this, they will enter the departure area).   The departure gate is right within this areas.


There will be a final check-in before boarding the flight.

Click here for Tropic Air Website


Crystal Auto Rental

Crystal Auto Rental Belize is the # 1 leading company inn the Belize car rental industry. With a fleet of over 300 vehicles and a variety of over 15 class of rental vehicles to select from, Crystal Auto rental in Belize has the right vehicle for you.

 Crystal Auto Rental's International Airport office at the Phillip Goldson International Airport is conveniently located directly across the from the International Arrivals exit door across the small parking lot.


Crystal offers Compact car rentals, SUV's rentals, Pickup Truck rentals, and Full-size Van rentals. As one of the most established Car Rental in Belize, Crystal boasts over 350 vehicles in its Fleet.


Click here for Crystal Auto Rental Website

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